Denisa-Dilara Erez


New pictures with actress Denisa Dilara Erez.

Photos © 2022 Martina Thalhofer.

Patrick Loose


New pictures with actor, singer and songwriter Patrick Loose.

Photos © 2022 Tenzion Photography.

Ana Maria Udroiu


New pictures with Romanian actress Ana Maria Udroiu.

Photos © 2022 Catalin Asanache.

Denisa Dilara Erez


New Monolgue from "10 Dinge, die ich an Dir hasse" with the actress Denisa Dilara Erez.

Emma Jane


New pictures with the actress Emma Jane.

Stephan Gerster


Rehearsals begin for the theater production "Der große Fall der Lady Macbeth & Macbeth" with actor Stephan Gerster in Spain.

Christa Schreiber


New showreel scene with actress Christa Schreiber from Aktenzeichen XY-Preis 2022.

Meryem Dogan


New German-Turkish Monologue with actress Meryem Dogan (London).

Sandra von Bonin


New vocal reel with actress and singer Sandra von Bonin.

Blake J. Askew


New Showreel Scene "Trap" with British-South African actor Blake J. Askew.

Stephan Gerster


The Actor Stephan Gerster shoots for the new social network commercial for BMW motorycyle.

Nadine Julie Schmidt


New pictures with the actress Nadine Julie Schmidt.

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