Sandra Feil


The Actress Sandra Feil presents her new showreel scenes.

Arthur Oppenländer


The actor Arthur Oppenländer plays the role of layer Wadowicz in the Spreewald Thriller (TV: ZDF).

Director: Jan Fehse

Simon Scholz


We look forward to working with actor student Simon Scholz from Munich.

Horst Wüst


We look forward to working with the actor Horst Wüst.

Emma Jane


Broadcast: Tatort "The red shadow".

15.10.2017, Channel: Das Erste, Germany

Director: Domink Graf. Emma Jane in the role of Astrid Frühwein.

Lea Farinah


Leipziger Volkszeitung vom 30.09.2017

Julia Nika Neviandt


We are pleased to represent actress Julia Nika Neviandt.

Corinna Ketter


The actress Corinna Ketter presents her new demo tape scenes.

Matthias Horn


The actor Matthias Horn is shooting for the ZDF series Case number XY … Unsolved (Aktenzeichen xy ... ungelöst).

Emma Jane


On 6.8 2017 the channel ONE in the broadcast the feature film On the evening of all days at 20.15 clock.

Emma Jane plays the role of Sabine. Directed by the director Dominik Graf.

Anne-Kathrin Lipps


We are pleased to represent the actress Anne-Kathrin Lipps.

Lea Farinah


Irre gibt es überall (Von Maren Petrich)

Ausgabe: @ stundet (Online-August), 17 Juli 2017

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