Matthias Horn


New film monologue with the actor Matthias Horn online.

Christa Schreiber


New headshots with the actress Christa Schreiber online.

Photos © 2020 Danann Breathnach (London).

Emma Jane


Broadcast: Tatort "The red shadow".

20.5.2020, 10pm, Channel: SWR, Germany

Director: Domink Graf. Emma Jane in the role of Astrid Frühwein.


Brian Hatfield


The Australian actor Brian Hatfield presents his current film monologue.

Sara Maria Salome


New About me Video with the actress Sara Maria Salome online.

Magide Kazime


The actor Magide Kazime again had himself staged by the photographer Christoph Mannhardt.

Sandra von Bonin


The actress Sandra von Bonin interprets Chronicles of Darkness.

Magide Kazime


New About me video in German of the actor Magide Kazime online.

Mark Plewe


New About me in German of the actor Mark Plewe online.

Yasemin Delikan


New showreel scene from the ZDF series Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst online. The actress Yasemin Delikan can be seen in the role of Aylin.

Laura Hohmann


The actress Laura Hohmann presents her new pictures.

Lars Doppler


New showreel scene from the feature film Das Geheimnis der Freiheit (Channel: ARD, WDR) with the actor Lars Doppler online

Lars Doppler plays the former SS man Hildebrandt.

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