Johanna Neumann

The actress Johanna Neumann presents her new headshots.

Photos © 2019 Danann Breatnach (London).

Sarah Blum

The actress Sarah Blum presents her new About Me.

Lena Steisslinger

The actress Lena Steisslinger stands as a young mother for the new advertising film for AIDA in front of the camera.

Director: Raimon Schirmer.

Natalie Zaschka

The freshly baked actress Natalie Zaschka introduces herself with a lot of humour of her own.

Stephanie Fister

The austrian actress Stephanie Fister.
Who would like to know more about her: Your new About Me is online.

Mara de Temple

New german showreel scene with actress Mara de Temple online.

Magide Kazime

We are looking forward to working with the actor Magide Kazime from Hamburg.

Christoph Mack

We are happy to represent the acting student Christoph Mack.

Marjatta Schramm

The ZDF shows on 28.8.2019 from 8:15pm the new episode of Aktenzeichen XY.. ungelöst.

The actress Marjatta Schramm can be seen in the episode leading role Patricia Wilhelm.

Director: Robert A. Pejo.

Vanessa Biegger

The actress Vanessa Biegger successfully absolved her training at the acting school MFA Munich Film Academy.


Sonja Chan

The actress Sonja Chan stood for the first shooting block of the 5th season for Vorstadtweiber (ORF) in the role Marie-Claire in front of the camera.

After a short summer break we continue. Director: Mirjam Unger, Harald Sicheritz.

Bobby del Popolo

We are happy to represent the actor Bobby del Popolo.

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