Sandra von Bonin

We are pleased to represent actress Sandra von Bonin.

Patrick Loose

The actor Patrick Loose presents his new monologue from the movie Breaking Bad, Episode Half Masures.

Role: Mike Ehrmantraut.

SOKO Donau

The Austrian TV station ORF1 shows the series Thin Air in the TV series SOKO Donau on 16.4.2018 from 20:15 clock.

The actress Sonja Chan can be seen in the episode role Onita Nakura.

Director: Sophie Allet-Coche.

Patrick Loose

New demo tape scene from the ZDF series Dr. Klein - Phantom Pain with the actor Patrick Loose in the role of a policeman.

Evelyn Anna Schmid

We are pleased to represent the Bavarian acting student Evelyn Anna Schmid.

Edvard Lammervo

Finnish actor Edvard Lammervo introduces himself.

Jennifer Riexinger

The new commercial Kommunalwahl 2019: Why vote? My vote for Stuttgart! with actress Jennifer Riexinger is online.

Katharina Molzberger

We are pleased to represent the actress and musical actress Katharina Molzberger.

Katharina not only convinces with her voice, especially with her fresh play in front of the camera.

Patrick Loose

The ZDF shows on 6.4.2019 the next episode of Dr. Klein - Phantomschmerz.

Director: Käthe Niemeyer.

Jakob Graf

The actor Jakob Graf currently stands for the RTL series "Alles was zählt" in the role of Markus Friese in front of the camera.

Director: Gudrun Scheerer.

Jakob Englmaier

As a hippie student, the actor Jakob Englmaier from the ZDF feature film by Bella Germania can be seen in his new demo band scene.

Director: Gregor Schnitzler.

Lolliya Tsareva

We are happy to represent Russian actress Lolliya Tsareva.

Bella Germania

As a prison inmate is the actor Jakob Graf from the ZDF feature film Bella Germania in his new demo tape scene to see.

Director: Gregor Schnitzler.

Chirsta Schreiber

New demo tape scene from the short film Mitzi does what with! by director Tobias Johannes Schächtele is online.

The actress Christa Schreiber is seen in a completely different kind of role

Michael Kosterin

We are pleased to represent the German-Estonian actor Michael Kosterin.

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