Pia Amofa-Antwi

Pia Amofa-Antwi (GER)
Acting student

Vanessa Biegger

Vanessa Biegger (CHE, GER)
Acting student

Michelle Brämisch

Michelle Brämisch (GER)

Yasemin Delikan

Yasemin Delikan (GER)
Acting student

Sarah Förster

Sarah Förster (GER)
Acting student

Andreas Forsthofer

Andreas Forsthofer (GER)

Marla Friesewinkel

Marla Friesewinkel (GER)
Acting student

Livia Gaiser

Livia Gaiser (GER)

Anton Hargaßer

Anton Hargaßer (GER)

Sandra Klare

Sandra Klare (GER)
Acting student

Constanze Kronast

Constanze Kronast (GER)
Acting student

Andreas Langegger Ramos

Andreas Langegger Ramos (FIN, GER)
Acting student

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