Denisa Dilara Erez


New Monolgue from "10 Dinge, die ich an Dir hasse" with the actress Denisa Dilara Erez.

Stephan Gerster


Rehearsals begin for the theater production "Der große Fall der Lady Macbeth & Macbeth" with actor Stephan Gerster in Spain.

Stephan Gerster


The Actor Stephan Gerster shoots for the new social network commercial for BMW motorycyle.

Marnie Sophie Berger


Actress Marnie Sophie Berger is shooting for "Erkenntnis", directed by Noah R. Lischka.

Annika Wahler


The young actress Annika Wahler attends the Actors' Ensemble Course at "The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art" in Dublin.

Stephan Gerster


The actor Stephan Gerster is filming for the ZDF series "Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst".

Director: Thomas Pauli.

Anqi Zhu


The Chinese actress Anqi Zhu is shooting for two projects at the HFF Munich.

Christa Schreiber


The actress Christa Schreiber takes on the role of the "Guardians of Colors" in the diploma film "Guardians of the Museum".

Director: Natascha Stogu.

Denisa-Dilara Erez


The actress Denisa Dilara Erez shoots for the new TV spot "Amazon Prime Video - Uefa Champions League".

Patrick Loose


The actor Patrick Loose is shooting for the new TV Series "Der Scheich".

Director: Dani Levy, Johannes Naber.

Casting Director: Anja Dihrberg (BVC).

Nicolas Stöcklein


The actor Nicolas Stöcklein is shooting for the new TV Film "Tatort - Gamer".

Directed by Lancelot von Naso.

Casting Director: Siegfried Wagner (BVC).

Denisa-Dilara Erez


New Showreel scene from Penny with the actress Denisa Dilara Erez.

Sandro Zulian


The Swiss actor Sandro Zulian filmed for the new image film of the Zuger Kantonalbank.

Claire Tudela


The French actress Claire Tudela is in front of the camera for the extraordinary exhibition film "The Visual Feminist Manifesto".

Director: Dana Omari.

Christa Schreiber


Actress Christa Schreiber is filming under the direction of Rainer Hackstock for "Aktenzeichen XY...".

Channel: ZDF.

Michael Kosterin


The actor Michael Kosterin traveled to London on Thursday for his first international film role.

Patrick Loose


New showreel scene from "A House of Animals".

The actor Patrick Loose can be seen in the role of Armin.

Julia Nika Neviandt


Two new English showreel scenes with actress Julia Nika Neviandt.

Produced at Pinewood Studios in London.

Ana Maria Udroiu


The romania actress Ana Maria Udroiu presents her new monologue for Ukraine.

Denisa-Dilara Erez


The actress Denisa Dilara Erez is shooting for Penny next week.

Shooting will take place in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Phio Huynh


On February 28, 2022, 6:50 pm, the actress Phio Huynh can be seen playing the role of young Vietnamese Lan Diep Nguyen in "Morden im Norden".

Directed by Christoph Eichhorn.

Gwenn Wunderlich


The ZDF will show the new episode of "Aktenzeichen XY Spezial - Gelöst" on February 9, 2022.

The actress Gwenn Wunderlich can be seen in the role of Chief Inspector Goik.

Directed by Rudolf Schweiger.

Ada Kowalewski


The ZDF will show the new episode of "Aktenzeichen XY Spezial - Gelöst" on February 9, 2022.

The actress Ada Kowalewski can be seen in the role of Daria Mayer.

Directed by Rudolf Schweiger.

Dennis Scholz


ARD will show "Tatort - Des Teufels langer Atem" for the first broadcast on 16 January 2022.

The actor Dennis Scholz can be seen in the daytime role of Max.

Director: Franziska 'Francis' Meletzky.

Yasemin Delikan


New showreeel scene from the ZDF series "Die Rosenheim-Cops".

The actress Yasemin Delikan can be seen in the role Corinna Hüfner.

Director: Astrid Schult.

Rüdiger Hauffe


On 4 January 2022, SRF 1 will show the new crime season of Wilder.

The Actor Rüdiger Hauffe can be seen in the role of a German doctor.

Start: 8:05pm

Directed by Claudio Fäh.

Nicolas Stöcklein


The Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) will show the three-part documentary film "1806 - The Nuremberg Saga" on December 29, 2021.

The actor Nicolas Stöcklein in the role of Johann Friedrich Klett.

Directed by Oliver Halmburger.

Yasemin Delikan


The actor Yasemin Delikan can be seen in the role of Corinna Hüfner in the ZDF TV series "Die Rosenheim-Cops" on 28.12.2021, from 7:25 pm.

Director: Astrid Schult.

Jan Besser


In the short feature film Anadrome Fische, actor Jan Besser takes on the role of Helge, directed by Li von Massow.

Horst Wüst


The actor Horst Wüst takes on the role of the priest for the social spot smallpox.

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