Nicolas Stöcklein


The actor Nicolas Stöcklein takes on the role of merchant and publisher "Johann Friedrich Klett" in the TV documentary "1806 - The Nuremberg Saga".

Director: Oliver Halmburger.

Channel: BR (Germany)


Shooting date: August - September 2021



Presenter Kadda Gehret travels back in time to a Nuremberg past that happened over 200 years ago, but still has an effect today, because many Nurembergers still have a hard time with the Bavarian rhombuses because of what happened back then, and instead prefer to see the red and white flag of Franconia flying atop Nuremberg Castle.

The story leads back to the last years of the free imperial city, in which the citizens of Nuremberg tried almost desperately to avert the decline and the end of their homeland as an independent polity through internal reforms and external diplomacy. In vain. Napoleon himself had decided otherwise. Instead, the Bavarians stepped in and changed almost everything in a very short time, without asking the Nurembergers or even explaining why they were doing all this - including some quite sensible things, which, however, hardly stuck in the collective memory of the Nurembergers. But the story did not end there. The decline opened up new opportunities, which the Nurembergers knew how to exploit to the best of their ability.


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