Phio Huynh


On February 28, 2022, 6:50 pm, the actress Phio Huynh can be seen playing the role of young Vietnamese Lan Diep Nguyen in "Morden im Norden".

Directed by Christoph Eichhorn.

Casted by Stephen Sikder.


The young Vietnamese woman Lan Diep Nguyen (Phio Huynh) is recovered dead from the river Trave. She is wearing conspicuously long fingernails, and her face shows fresh traces of an acid burn. As it turns out, she came into contact with a dangerous chemical that is used in some beauty salons despite a ban. Finn and Lars investigate that the dead woman had worked in the Vietnamese nail salon "Da Nang" without a work permit. It was there that she sustained her serious, but not fatal, injuries. Was she then thrown into the river in cold blood to cover up an accident at work?


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