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The austrian actress Stephanie Fister.
Who would like to know more about her: Your new About Me is online.


Stephanie Fister presents her new pictures.


Stephanie Fister presents her new pictures from photographer Kathi Ko from vienna.


New Showreel Scene from Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst (ZDF) with the actress Stephanie Fister.

Broadcast: 15.11.2017.


The ZDF series Case Number XY ... unsolved with the actress Stephanie Fister will be broadcasted on 15.11.2107 at 8.15 pm.


The actress Stephanie Fister is shooting for the ZDF series Case number XY … Unsolved (Aktenzeichen xy ... ungelöst).


The actress Stephanie Fister presents her new Showreel scenes in English and German.


New pictures with the austrian actress Stephanie Fister online.


We welcome the young austrian actress Stephanie Fister.

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