Yasemin Delikan


New showreel scene "The Wedding" with the actress Yasemin Delikan online.

Meryem Dogan


We are pleased to represent the British actress Meryem Dogan from London.

Ada Kowalewski


We are pleased to represent the actress Ada Kowalewski.

Phio Huynh


The actress Phio Huynh appeared in the TV series Morden in Norden in the role of Lan Diep Nguyen.

Director: Christoph Eichhorn.

Brian Hatfield


The actor Brian Hatfield had himself photographed by the photographer Nenad Ivic from Vienna.

Ana Maria Udroiu


The Romanian actress Ana Maria Udroiu presents her new showreel scene.


Miruna Biléi


We are pleased to represent the Romanian actress Miruna Biléi.

Rüdiger Hauffe


We are pleased to represent the actor Rüdiger Hauffe from Dresden.

Cedric Retter


New film monologue from Unbearable hotness by the actor Cedric Retter.

Sandro Zulian


We are pleased to represent the Swiss actor Sandro Zulian.

Annika Wahler


Young actress Annika Wahler takes on the role of Lena in the short film Schlossallee.

Director: Louisa Brockmann.

Emma Jane


The actress Emma Jane presents her new About me.

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