Valeria Iovino


The Italian actress Valeria Iovino completes her showreel with an About me in English and Italian.

Marjatta Schramm


New pictures with actress Marjatta Schramm.

Bookable from Basel and Hamburg.

Claire Tudela


The French actress Claire Tudela is in front of the camera for the extraordinary exhibition film "The Visual Feminist Manifesto".

Director: Dana Omari.

Ana Maria Udroiu


New pictures with Romanian actress Ana Maria Udroiu.

Photos © 2022 Adi Bulboacă.

Caleb Felix


The South African actor Caleb Felix had himself photographed by the photographer Mark le Grange.

Patrick Loose


New showreel scene with actor Patrick Loose from "Wenn diese Wände sprechen könnten (multimedia show in the Salmen Offenburg)". Patrick Loose plays the role Gustav von Struve.

Director: Nicolas Ehret.

Christa Schreiber


Actress Christa Schreiber is filming under the direction of Rainer Hackstock for "Aktenzeichen XY...".

Channel: ZDF.

Michael Kosterin


The actor Michael Kosterin traveled to London on Thursday for his first international film role.

Petri Stefanescu


The actor Petri Stefanescu was photographed by Romanian photographer Andrei Staicu.

Patrick Loose


New showreel scene from "A House of Animals".

The actor Patrick Loose can be seen in the role of Armin.

Ada Kowalewski


New showreel scene with German-Polish actress Ada Kowalewski in a twin role.

Rüdiger Hauffe


New pictures with the actor Rüdiger Hauffe.

Photographed by Katerina Stankevich, Lucerne.

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