New About me video in german with the actress Selina Mai online.


The actress Sarah Förster presents her new pictures.

Photos © 2020 Cristian Hartmann.


We are pleased to be able to represent the Australian actor Brian Hatfield.


New pictures with the acting stundet Christoph Mack online.

Photos © 2020 Nora Nussbaumer (Zurich).


The Swiss-Brazilian actress Natascha Hort had herself photographed by the London photographer Nicholas Dawkes.


The actress Lea Farinah presents her new film monologues Melancholy and Social Media.


New About me video in German with the actor Jakob Englmaier online.


We are pleased to represent the actress Natascha Hort.


We are pleased to represent the French actress Sonia Sabardeil.


We are pleased to represent the actor Robin El Sayed.


The actress Kata Klug met the Hamburg photographer Sven Kalettka.


The actress Sara Maria Salome presents her new Look.


New pictures with the actress Vanessa Elenor Wallhöfer online.


We are happy to represent the actress and presenter Judith Lindebaum.


New film monologue with the actress Jennifer Riexinger online.


The actress Sonja Chan in scene (Monologue).


The actress Jennifer Riexinger introduces the three of you.


The actress Sonja Chan presents her new look.


The actress Lisa Righini presents her emotional monologue in Italian.


The actor Nicolas Stöcklein had his picture taken by the photographer Dennis König.

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