Denisa-Dilara Erez


The actress Denisa-Dilara Erez presents her new acting pictures.

Photos © 2020 Dennis König (Munich).

Lea Farinah


New look. New hair colour. Blonde becomes reddish blonde.

The actress Lea Farinah from Berlin.

Gwenn Wunderlich


We are pleased to represent the American-German actress Gwenn Wunderlich.

Jan Besser


The German actor Jan Besser presents his new monologue "Herr Roland kam zum dunklen Turm".

Julia Nika Neviandt


New look, new headshots. Actress Julia Nika Neviandt.

Photos © 2020 Danann Breathnach (London).

Claire Tudela


New showreel scenes with the French actress Claire Tudela.

Erika Lillo


New headshots with the actress Erika Lillo from Paris.

Photography: Yann Saint-Pé.

Nina Gabriela


We are pleased to represent the actress Nina Gabriela from London.

Claire Tudela


We are pleased to represent the French actress Claire Tudela.

Anne-Kathrin Lipps


The actress Anne-Kathrin Lipps stood in front of the camera for photographer Jörg Kubitza.

Yasemin Delikan


New showreel scenes "Der Entzug" and "Amoklauf" with the actress Yasemin Delikan online.

Sara Maria Salome


New showreel scene with actress Sara Maria Salome in the role of the narrative spinner from the ZDF documentary "Fairy Tales & Legends - Hansel and Gretel".

Director: Volker Schmidt-Sondermann.

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