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The actress Sonja Chan is again in front of the camera for the next episode of Vorstadtweiber (TV: ORF) in the role of Marie-Claire.



For the Austrian actress Sonja Chan her new About me is online.


Two new monologues with the actress Sonja Chan online.


The actress Sonja Chan in scene (Monologue).


The actress Sonja Chan presents her new look.

The actress Sonja Chan was in front of the camera for the 5th season of Vorstadtweiber (ORF) in the serial role Marie-Claire.

Director: Mirjam Unger, Harald Sicheritz.

The actress Sonja Chan stood for the first shooting block of the 5th season for Vorstadtweiber (ORF) in the role Marie-Claire in front of the camera.

After a short summer break we continue. Director: Mirjam Unger, Harald Sicheritz.

The Austrian TV station ORF1 shows the series Thin Air in the TV series SOKO Donau on 16.4.2018 from 20:15 clock.

The actress Sonja Chan can be seen in the episode role Onita Nakura.

Director: Sophie Allet-Coche.

From November 2018, the feature film The Girl in the Spider's Web will be released in cinemas.

Director: Fede Alvarez.

From 9.11.2018 in England, Spain and USA and from 29.11.2018 in Germany.

The actress Sonja Chan will take on the role of Onita Nakura in the upcoming episode of SOKO Donau / SOKO Vienna.

Director: Holger Gimpel.

The actress Sonja Chan presents her new headshots.

Photos © 2018 Danann Breathnach, London.

The BR shows on 20.4.2018 from 21 clock the episode Heile Welt of Vorstadtweiber.

The actress Sonja Chan plays the role Airport Woman Clearance.

The asian actress Sonja Chan stands for the american movie Dragon Tattoo - The Girl in the Spider’s Web on camera.

Director: Fede Alvarez.

Sonja Chan
took over the pre-show moderation für The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 - World Premiere in Amsterdam.

Netflix is currently showing the first season of Vorstadtweiber.

The actress Sonja Chan can be seen in the first episode.

New pictures with the actress Sonja Chan by the viennese photographer Tom Weilguny.

New drama pictures with the actress Sonja Chan online.

Photography: Diana Matthess, Vienna.

The actress Sonja Chan plays the role of Ligarius in theater performance Julius Caesar.

New portrait photos with actress Sonja Chan online.

Broadcast of the new television series Vorstadtweiber in Channel ARD, Germany from 20.15 clock - 5. May 2015

Sonja Chan: Airport woman (SR)

Broadcast of the new television series Vorstadtweiber in Channel ORF 1 (Austria) from 20.15 clock.

Sonja Chan: Airport woman (SR)

Again this year is the play Goodbye Europe! listed with the asian actress Sonja Chan in the lead role Pei En.

Premiere: 10.11.2014 - warehouse, Copenhagen.
Performances: 10.11. to 21.11.2014 - warehouse, Copenhagen

Sonja Chan finished shooting for an interactive training film for Adidas in the role as an Asian woman.


English Theatre: "We Are the Play"
Im Schatten der Mauer
von Patrick Wildermann
(im Der Tagesspiegel vom 12.9.2104)

Jene Tage im November:
Das English Theatre Berlin lädt zur Geschichts-Tour „We Are the Play“.

Die freundlichen jungen Damen, die als Tourguides über das Gelände der Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer führen, lassen Geschichte lebendig werden. Nicht nur Fakten über Todesstreifen und Mauerlänge. Sondern vor allem jenen Tag im November 1989, an dem SED-Mann Günter Schabowski durch sein Gestammel über die Reisegesetzreform versehentlich die Grenzen öffnete. Schon 25 Jahre her, Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht. Ein Grund zum Feiern jedenfalls, man könnte jetzt die Nationalhymne anstimmen. Wäre da nicht diese verrückte Frau auf dem Fahrrad. Die umkreist die Gruppe und ruft unentwegt „25 Jahre Lügen“.

Foto: Susan Paufler. Performerin Sonja Chan aus "We Are the Play".

Sonja Chan
plays in We are the play on the grounds of the memorial wall twelve times change-experiences of migrants in East and West Berlin.

Premiere: 11. Sep. 2014.
Further performances: 12.-14. / 18.-21. / 25.-28. Sep. 2014.
Beginning: 19 oclock.

For asia and fantasy shoot, the actress Sonja Chan was the Viennese photographer Ernst Scharfetter front of the camera.

Sonja Chan
shoot this month for the TV series Vorstadtweiber.

Sonja Chan
speaks on your new About me your native dialect Austrian.

At agency shooting the actress Sonja Chan vstood before of the lens of the photographer Ivonne Mierzowski from Stuttgart.

Theme-Shooting Asia with actress Sonja Chan online.

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