New speaker scenes

New speaker scenes with the actress and narrator Lotti Kovari in English and Hungarian.

Mihai Visan: Representation

We are pleased to be able to represent the Romanian actor Mihai Visan.

Bookable from Greater Manchester.

Flora Pauer: Representation

We are pleased to take over the representation of the actress Flora Pauer.

New Showreel scene

New showreel scene from XY-Gelöst with actor Stephan Gerster as Gotic Mann.

Lena Lorenz (TV Movie)

The actress Denisa-Dilara Erez is shooting for the TV movie Lena Lorenz.

New About me

The American actress Isadora Moya presents herself in American, French and Spanish.

Filming for Bild - EU Football Championship

The actor Blake J Askew took on the British role in the new commercial for "Bild - EU Football Championship", directed by Felix Julian Koch.

New pictures

New pictures with the actress Jeanette Limberg.
Photographed by Oliver Moor.

Lotti Kovari: Representation

We are pleased to represent the actress Lotti Kovari.

Jennifer Salcudean: Representation

We are pleased to represent the Romanian-Austrian actress Jennifer Salcudean.

Aktenzeichen XY - Gelöst! (Filming)

For a solved criminal case, the actor Stephan Gerster took on the role of Riko Paulsen in Aktenzeichen XY - Gelöst!

Directed by Rudolf Schweiger.

New pictures

The actress Dana Mae Klaßen had her picture taken by photographer Matthias Messer.


Review . . .

  • Andreas Forsthofer

    The ZDF broadcasts the new episode of "Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst" on July 14, 2021.

    Actor Andreas Forsthofer can be seen in the role of Alex. After a scene in the discotheque with the victim.

  • Stephan Gerster

    Actor Stephan Gerster takes on the roles of Desiree and Bianca in the play "Der große Fall der Lady Macbeth & Macbeth (after Shakespeare)".

    Theater: TAT Creative Academy.

    Artistic director: Bernd Seidl.

  • Stephan Gerster

    For a new episode of Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst, actor Stephan Gerster takes on the role of a witness and is briefly questioned by the police as a suspect.

  • Christa Schreiber

    The actress Christa Schreiber is in front of the camera for the short feature film "Kleine Inseln", directed by Maurice Teepe.

    A production of the HFF University of Television and Film Munich.

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